10 of the Best Barista Training Provider in Australia

The coffee industry in Australia is a multi-billion dollar industry.  This should come as no surprise as more than 75% of Australians drink coffee every day.

To succeed in this industry, be it a barista or a coffee shop owner, you need to know the basics of coffee. From how to set up a cafe, selecting the right beans, brewing the perfect coffee to steaming milk properly. These are not something you can learn to be the best at on your own. It is important to have a skilled provider to learn such techniques. You need proper barista training from the right barista provider.

A good barista course gives you the skills you need to have an edge over the competition. These are the ten best barista training providers in Australia.

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    Barista Course Adelaide

If you want to learn about coffee in South Australia, there is no better alternative than Barista Course Adelaide (RTO #45654). You will get instruction from the top barista professionals in a modern facility. Train on commercial espresso machines and learn about various coffee brewing methods, including milk frothing.

Barista Course Adelaide does not only train students across South Australia, they also have students come from nearby states and international.

At Barista Course Adelaide, there are various courses for you to choose from, as well as the levels of training that meet your needs. You will be able to learn almost everything from a basic introduction to the coffee industry to more advanced courses in latte art. They are able to deliver Statement of Attainments relating to SITHFAB204 – Prepare and serve espresso coffee and SITXFSA101 – Use hygienic practices for food safety.

Barista and Latte Art courses are available all year round.

  1. Australian Barista School

Australian Barista School is a Registered Training Organisation (ID: 91399) based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle.

Its mission is to provide affordable coffee training and coffee classes to people that are passionate about coffee. The founders/owners have roaster and espresso bars in Australia. With that, they provide intensive training programs to achieve timely and cost-effective solutions for students.

Australian Barista School prides itself as one of the specialists in the modern way of making coffee.

  1. Coffee School Australia

Coffee School Australia is the first hospitality training school that offers barista and coffee art courses. Their goal is to achieve excellence in coffee-making to enable students to find jobs with practical experience.

Currently, they are offering courses in Barista & Coffee Art Courses, Bar & Cocktail Courses, and Food Safety Courses. Coffee School Australia directly engages with each and every student. This helps enhance their understanding of the coffee-making process and jumpstart their success.

  1. Crema Coffee Garage

Barista training is always the priority at Crema Coffee Garage for over 12 years in Newcastle. They have level one course accreditation that provides students with certified, high-quality barista training.

Their unique selling point is their training courses with a small classroom size (maximum of 5).  Each student will have a group head and steam wand. The smaller class size and exclusive use of equipment give plenty of opportunities to students to make beverages many times over.

  1. Five Senses Coffee

Five Senses Barista and Coffee Training Courses run in certain areas of Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. Their barista courses are designed to up-skill coffee-making abilities across all levels.

Five Senses use state-of-the-art equipment, and their instructors are experts in the field. The fundamentals of their coffee training will suit both the aspiring baristas and home connoisseurs. You will understand how coffee extractions work, milk texturing, and keeping the coffee machine in order.

  1. Danes Specialty Coffee Institute

Danes Specialty Coffee Institute (DSCI) provides an international standard for barista training and accreditation! They are situated in Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They offer the “Danes Barista Guild” courses provided by their highly trained specialist baristas.

Danes Coffee is one of the pioneers of espresso training in 1999. Their barista training programs continue to develop over the years and remain on the cutting edge.

  1. Barista Basics

Barista Basics is one of Australia’s leading coffee training academies in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. They are a recognised RTO (ID: 91399) and fully compliant with the strict controls on training and assessment programs.

All instructors are university-educated and fully trained in delivering course topics to students.

Their classes incorporate hands-on experience on coffee-making machines set in a relaxed multimedia environment.

  1. Cartel Coffee Roasters

Cartel Coffee Roasters is one of the industry’s leading experts. They aim to bring the best training experience to students by learning from the professionals in the field.

The barista class takes a hands-on approach for all, which means that you will spend the majority of your time working on actual coffee machines. Students will get to taste many espressos and espresso-based drinks to help develop their palates.

  1. Adore Coffee Roasters

Adore Coffee Roasters shares the latest and greatest innovations in the coffee making since 2010.

Their barista training will focus on the fundamentals and proper espresso preparation techniques. It is suitable for beginners and experienced baristas to learn and improve their skills. It also covers techniques in brewing variables, milk steaming, texturing, and pouring.

Their barista training course will give students plenty of opportunities to taste and understand what makes a good espresso.

  1. Sydney Bar School

TCP Training Pty, or the Sydney Bar School, is an RTO (ID: 91118) formed in 2001, with training centers across Sydney.

This coffee training course put together essential information about making coffee using espresso machines as a Barista. Most of their students are either seeking a professional career as a Barista or are real coffee lovers. Those home baristas who want to make the perfect coffee at home for themselves, family, and friends.

Sydney Bar School is committed to providing high standards of training that enables students to achieve the best possible outcome.

These top 10 barista training providers above are an excellent place to start your journey to a professional career in the coffee industry.

Barista schools and training centers are great places to sharpen your barista skills, in pursuit of both personal and professional goals. Whatever your goals, there are plenty of training providers that can help you achieve them.