5 Top Tips to Land Your First Barista Job

Many aspiring baristas are looking to acquire the proper skills and training to land their first barista job. One of the most common questions they ask ‘how can I land a barista job without any experience’?

Finding a barista job in Australia’s coffee market can be difficult most of the time, but it is not impossible. The only problem you may encounter is the fierce competition among other baristas. Baristas are highly valued members of any coffee team, and more people want to get into the coffee-making industry.

Do a quick look through barista jobs available online. Most barista job hiring requires 1 to 2 years’ worth of experience within the industry before you qualify. So how can you land a barista job with little to no experience?


Here are 5 steps to get you started.

  1. Get training

Consider taking a specialised barista training course provided by a registered training organisation (RTO). Most of their trainers are real-world baristas and coffee professionals where you can learn the critical steps to become a successful barista.

Most barista training courses cover such topics including barista functions, coffee equipment, and brewing techniques. In addition, they will tackle how to write a perfect resume and how to prepare for a barista interview. They will give pointers on what most coffee shop owners expect from their future employees.

Upon completion of the training, ensure to get your Statement of Attainment for two nationally accredited barista courses:

  • SITHFAB005 – Prepare & serve espresso coffee
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety

Most employers and coffee shop owners in Australia look for this qualification before deciding who to hire. It is best to secure this qualification before sending out your resumes.

  1. Barista Job Boards

Do an in-depth search to websites that are specifically for barista job listings, such as Barista.Jobs worldwide and Barista Seeker. These are good places to look at if you are seeking a barista job interstate and even overseas. Sign up for alerts and turn on notifications with all the usual job seeker sites, such as Indeed, Gumtree, and Seek.

Join up to the groups of Baristas, Barista Network, and Australian Barista Community on Facebook. Most barista page posts up to 10+ times a day regarding openings and vacancies. It also helps to do a little bit of groundwork on the cafes you would like to work.

Additional tip: be honest with your level of experience and your weekly availability. Most employers will appreciate honesty over anything.

  1. Polish your resume

When writing your resume, be sure to highlight your skills and strengths. Are you sociable, friendly, and can perform well under pressure? Write that down. Mention any past experiences or volunteer work that you think will help you get the job.

Keep your resume clear, concise, and relevant. Only include information that is relevant to the role.

A well-written barista resume is a huge point for many employers. It shows that you put an effort into finding this job and means you are ready to put your best foot forward as a barista.

Your resume will give you a huge advantage to step out of the crowd of potential baristas. It makes you a real candidate for the barista position.

  1. Build your Network

For the majority of Barista positions, it is all about who you know. If you already know people who work in a coffee shop, maintain a good relationship with them and express your interest in their craft. In many cases, they will let you know once there is a hiring for the barista role.

Our advice, assuming you do not have a network of baristas, is to try the regular approach. Come in at around the same time each visit, preferably at like 10 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. Choose a time when the coffee shop is not super busy. Keep ordering the same coffee and start a conversation with the Baristas.

This method is very trial and error and might take a lot of time. But if it works, you will have the benefit of being a part of the coffee community.

  1. Cold Calling

Cold calling is a great way of finding a job as a barista. You can get the number of your local coffee shops, as well as big chains, and give it a go. Cold calling is a way of expressing your interest even without a specific job opening posted or advertised.

The worst-case scenario to happen is them saying they do not have a barista position available. If you are in luck, you might land a job through a single phone call.

  1. Think Big

Everyone must start somewhere. So when looking for a barista job, broaden your search across cafes and bars that are looking for ‘all-rounders’ or front-of-house staff.  Make sure to include on your resume and cover letter, as well as your proof that you completed a professional barista training course. Attach your statement of attainment from your training provider.

Applying to big coffee chains in Australia will get your foot in the door to the coffee world. These places do not usually require experience when hiring a barista.

If you will apply to big coffee chains, you must be willing to learn and work.

Learn a lot about making different espresso drinks, the origins of coffee beans they use, and the basics of how to run a café.

Master their methods and stay a year or two, depending on how you like working there. Learn about making different espresso drinks, the origins of coffee beans, and the basics of how to run a café.

Go beyond what the job requires in terms of coffee knowledge and pick up all essential customer service skills. Having the technical skills plus the right attitude will make you stand out to potential employers. They will see you as a valuable addition to any coffee team.

It is a fact that coffee is a competitive industry to break into but having a barista certificate can help.  It shows that you took the initiative to understand the fundamental concepts of coffee-making. It will make you stand out from the competition.

Being a barista takes more than just knowing the basics of coffee. It is also about learning how to treat people and talking to them with respect while being your unique self. We hope you have found this blog useful in landing your dream barista job.