7 Valuable Skills for a Barista in Australia

The growing popularity of coffee shops and cafés may be a result of the fact that about 75% of Australians drink coffee every day. With the growing coffee industry, many establishments need baristas who have valuable skills. They are on the lookout for baristas who can keep customers happy and keep them returning. A barista’s job involves much more than making and serving coffee to customers.

The best candidates for a barista job should have valuable transferable skills to excel in their role. These skills you can acquire through previous job experiences or through a barista training course.


What is a Barista?

A barista is someone who has a vast knowledge of different types of coffee and coffee-making process. They are responsible for mixing, decorating, and serving drinks – mainly in cafes and coffee shops. A barista’s knowledge extends to operating coffee machines and equipment, roasting and blending method, milk frothing, and latter art.

Aside from the technical skills baristas should have, they also have several other responsibilities. These include educating customers on the menu, maintain cleanliness, dealing with suppliers, and much more.

Working as a barista can be an interesting and fulfilling job opportunity. Most coffee shops are action-packed locations, giving you opportunities to meet new people every day.

This blogpost will explain what qualities employers are looking for in a coffee barista.


Learning the basics of making different variations of coffee does not take long. Taking a barista pro course will teach you everything you need to know how to become a barista.

Bring familiar with basic to advance techniques gives you an advantage over other baristas in the job market. It means you made an effort into learning your craft, and both customers and your employer will love you for it.

Customer service

Being a barista demands a specific style of customer service. You will be dealing with customers all day, and that task requires strong interpersonal skills.

As the barista, you represent the social aspect of the business brand. You have to be able to interact with customers in a friendly and professional manner. Listen carefully when placing their orders and accommodate all questions they may have regarding the menu. Being a barista requires strong communication skills as well. At the end of the day, a good experience is what most customers will remember most.


Timeliness can make or break your chances of becoming a successful barista in this industry. If you can be trusted to show up and deliver products and services on time, your employer will put their trust in you.

You will become a valuable asset to any barista team. Especially with the rampant switching of shifts that is often the practice in these jobs. Adding reliability to your barista resume is a smart move.

Attention to detail

Any job position that involves food serving requires attention to detail and cleanliness. It is a soft skill that involves accuracy in performing and completing a task. It also includes correctly remembering the details of orders, processes, and other important information. Attention to detail is important in successfully take customer orders and make the right beverage.

Cleanliness is also one thing baristas should give attention to. Go the extra mile in making sure that all equipment is clean and safe before closing.


A professional barista can move like a multi-armed octopus and able to do things at once. You must be able to maintain a standard of error-free and complex multitasking performance during a busy shift. For instance, you may be making multiple drinks while working the register and answering queries. Juggling all things at once can cause stress.

Baristas must be able to work under pressure and remain calm and efficient in completing multiple tasks at one time. If these are things you can do, show off this skill in your resume. Add some metrics to demonstrate the strength of your multitasking skill.

Cash management

Cash management is important in any retail role, especially in a fast-paced environment like a coffee shop. There is nothing worse than the wrong amount to the customer, whether it is too much or not enough. It is something that any barista can easily avoid with basic skills and understanding of handling cash.

Cash management includes placing correct notes and coins in the right slots. You must be skilled to accept cash and other modes of payment from coffee shop patrons and new customers. It is also important to count the cash at the start and the end of your shift.

These skills are something that will be taught in training. Whether it is a POS system or a digital register, be sure to take it all on board. It will help you to deal with cash confidently.


Professionalism is a soft skill that involves showing respect and consideration for other people in the workplace. It is being kind and in control of your emotions, even during challenging work situations. A professional barista must remain composed throughout all interactions with customers and other employees.


Teamwork is the key to a barista’s job. It is a valuable skill that many employers are looking for as a potential barista. They are looking for someone easy to work with. Someone the team can trust to have their back during rush and busy hours. Someone capable of trusting other baristas as well. If this is you, you can become an effective member of the team.

The high pressure from rush hours and demanding customers will force you to work well with coworkers. Every barista needs to be aware of what is their role and should stick with it. A well-rounded barista must be able to show flexibility to help other team members when necessary.

Of course, a good coffee shop should have clear assigned roles for each worker. Baristas who understand their responsibilities will have no problem fulfilling their tasks and help the coffee shop run smoothly even during busy times.

Coffee shops and cafés in Australia are always on the lookout for baristas who have the valuable skills to succeed in the job. If you possess any of the skills mentioned above, be sure to include and highlight them as strengths in your resume. In no time, you will land the barista job of your dreams.