Choosing the Best Barista Course in Melbourne

Melbourne has an infamous coffee culture known in the country and across the world, and there is no better place to learn how to make coffee than here. From its outer suburbs to the busy central streets, Melbourne offers a one-of-a-kind coffee experience to its drinkers. Most people here live and breathe for a good coffee brew, and no matter what qualifications you are looking for, there is a perfect course for you.

If you are new to coffee or are considering becoming a barista, getting a barista course is the best first step. To be successful in this industry, we believe in building a solid foundation first. And you can get that by investing in a good barista course.


But before that, what is the Barista Job Description?

A barista must not only know how to make over ten varieties of espresso-based coffee. A qualified barista must also know how to engage with new customers and café patrons while serving food and beverages efficiently. The soft barista skills could only come from one’s personality and experience. While technical skills can be easily learned through coffee training or barista courses. To make the perfect coffee, you need to be skillful and patient.

Working as a barista in a local specialty shop or big coffee shop chain in Melbourne is a great gig for students working part-time, backpackers, or aspiring hospitality workers with a love for the artistry of coffee making. A great cup of coffee brings joy to at least 75% of Australian coffee drinkers every day.

The average hourly pay for a barista in Australia ranges from $20 to $25. It is a great stepping stone if you consider a career in a café, hotel, and restaurant management. Friends and families will also enjoy having a home barista that can make next-level coffees at home.

Barista Courses in Melbourne

Melbourne is known as Australia’s coffee capital, and the aroma of the coffee hangs in the air of every street. Hence, it is no doubt that there is a diverse range of barista courses for aspiring and current baristas.

For that reason, Barista Jobs in Melbourne requires a high level of professionalism. Most barista training is a piece of cake, or rather a piece of coffee, depending on your skills, patience, and abilities.

Given the vibrant coffee culture in the city, there are many affordable yet quality courses available. Depending on your preference or budget, you can pursue nationally recognised barista courses or advance barista techniques.

  • Basic Barista Course

The Barista Basic course will provide students the basic skills and knowledge to make and serve espresso-based beverages using manual technique or by using commercial espresso machines,

It is an introduction to coffee in a 3-hour course that will help you identify all key variables in the coffee-making process. From choosing the right beans to putting all other variables together to make excellent tasting coffees.

It covers from start to finish – selecting and grinding coffee beans, brewing process, preparation, and assessment of the end product you will serve to the customers.

There are seven core sections in the Barista Basics course:

  • Overview of the coffee machine & all its parts
  • How to operate a coffee grinder
  • How to perfect flavor using the espresso extractor
  • Frothing and texturing different types of milk
  • How to make a complete range of espresso-based beverages
  • Expresso machine cleaning and maintenance
  • Coffee selection & storage

Barista basics focus on understanding coffee theories and executing the right technique in steaming and pouring a beautiful milk beverage. The lesson you will learn from this course will help you become a great home barista or kickstart your barista career.

Upon completing the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion by your preferred provider. Make sure they are nationally recognised and meet the qualifications required by most Australian coffee shops. If you need to do an advanced coffee course for professional reasons, you may need to take the Barista Pro- Complete Barista Training Course.

  • Barista Pro Course

If you are thinking of entering the world of coffee, be it at a national or international level, a Barista Pro course will give you everything you need to succeed and become a professional barista. Barista Pro is also recommended to those who already have barista experience without technical education and wants to level up,

For this professional-level course, we recommend starting with Barista basic before jumping into Pro. In this course, your trainer will go even further regarding the specificities of coffee and address the more scientific side of the topic. To name a few, the topics included in this course are how to correctly extract espresso beans or how the roasting process affects the potential flavors.

You will learn more about the proper use of milk, including water. After successfully completing practical tests and assessments, you will be a qualified barista. You will also be issued a Certificate of Attainment for the following nationally accredited modules:

  • SITHFAB005 – Prepare & serve espresso coffee
  • SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • Latte Art 101

Latte art is no longer a domain of specialty coffee. In the past years, it has been widely adopted globally and has been a staple from the kitchen of home baristas and big coffee shop chains.

In a latte art course, you will learn the ins and outs of this delicate technique. It is a 2-hour course, where you will learn different pouring techniques to create popular latte designs. You will be serving great-tasting coffee artworks such as Rosetta, hearts, bears (and more) in no time.

You can have access to Melbourne coffee courses at a range of prices and options. Whatever requirements you have, we are sure you will have no trouble finding one near you.

The last thing we would like to leave to aspiring baristas is this: It is next to impossible to find a poorly made cup of coffee in Melbourne. Make sure you do not tarnish the city’s image by always putting your best into every coffee you make.